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BigBrotherBot Official: http://www.bigbrotherbot.net/

The commands from a lower level will also work for the higher levels! This means that a Levels 20 also can use the commands from Levels 0, a Levels 60 can also use the commands from a Levels 20 and so on...

B3 Commands

Levels 0 (Guest- Keyword - ''guest'')

register - register youself as a basic user
help (h) [] - get info on how to use a command
nextmap - display the next map in rotation
regulars - No info yet
admins - lists all the online admins
maps - list the server's map rotation
regtest - display your current user status
time - display the servers current time
seen - when was this player last seen?
xlrstats - shows your ingame stats
rules - will display our in-game rules
b3 - Show the version of B3
noc [] - shows info about a player group/mask level
pm [Player] [Message] -
Send a message to a player

Levels 20 (Moderator- Keyword - ''mod'')

poke[] - Poke a player
leveltest (lt) [] - display a user's status
status - Report status of bot
say - say a message to all players
longlist-llist - shows all online players and PID
list - list all connected players
spam (s) - spam a predefined message
spams - list spam messages
warn (w) [] - warn user
warninfo (wi) - display how many warning points a user has
warnremove (wr) - remove a users last warning
warns - list warnings
warntest (wt) - test a warning
aliases (alias) - list a players aliases
find - test to find a connected player

Levels 40 (Admin- Keyword - ''admin'')

kick (k) [] - kick a player
screentell - sends a private message to the center of someons screen
notice - adds a behaviour note to a player
admintest - display your current user status
lastbans - list of last bans
baninfo (bi) - display how many bans a user has

tempban (tb) [] - temporarily ban a player
permban (b) [] - ban a player
ban (b) [] - temporary ban a player

Levels 60 (Full Admin - Keyword - 'fulladmin'')

map - switch current map
maprotate - rotate to next map
spank (sp) [] - spank a player, naughty boy!
restart - restart b3
cmdlevel - set a commands level
delgroup - remove a group and remove all clients from the group
editgroup <-n|-k|-l> - change a group's settings
scream - yell a message to all player
lookup (l) - lookup a player in the database
screensay - sends a message to center of all players screen

Levels 80 (Senior Admin - Keyword - 'senioradmin'')

clientinfo - get info about a client
maskedadmins - show masked admins
warnclear (wc) - clear all of a users warnings
clear [] - clear all tk points and warnings
makereg (mr) - make a name a regular
unreg - unregister a player

Levels 100 (Super Admin - Keyword - ''superadmin'')

pause - pause the bot from parsing
rebuild - sync up connected players
clientinfo - get info about a client
die - shutdown b3
disable - disable a plugin
enable - enable a disabled plugin
reconfig - re-load all configs
reboot - Restart BigBrotherBot
mask - No info yet
unmask - No info yet
runas-su - Talk in the name of another player
spankall - spank all players
banall - ban all players
rcon - connect through rcon
unban - un-ban a player
putgroup - add a client to a group
ungroup - remove a client from a group
kickall - kick all players

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